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Water Heater Replacement

Plumber fixing an hot-water heater

When it’s time to replace your hot water heater you will know it.  Chances are that you’ve been ignoring the warning signs.  Those long luxurious hot baths that leave your fingers and toes pruned have become short and tepid.  When you turn on the hot water faucet to wash your hands it seems like it takes forever for the water to get hot.  Clothes seem dingy and not as fresh and clean as before.  Dishes emerge from the automatic dishwasher with food still caked on.  Technology has afforded us the opportunity to replace your old boiler with a new and economically friendly hot water heater.

Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Tankless hot water heaters are the newest technology to impact the industry.  Instead of housing a large boiler within your home, tankless heaters take up less space and are more efficient.  Energy is lost with conventional boiler because the hot water is left standing and will cool when not in use.  Standard hot water heaters use a gas flame to heat an entire tank of water whereas a tankless heater will only heat the water that passes through it on demand.  When inquiring about a tankless heater you should know that they are also referred to as on demand heaters.

Hot Water Heater Maintenance

Unlike furnaces, hot water heaters are based on very simple technology.  This is good news for you.  When something malfunctions, very little is required to get it up and running again.  The parts are extremely affordable.  When you contact Centennial Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning you are essentially paying for labor.  Our heating and cooling specialists are veterans and have mastered their craft.  This means that we can remedy nearly any problem in less than an hour.  In turn, our level of expertise saves you money.  We typically have an out of sight, out of mind approach when it comes to the infrastructural systems in our homes.  With a scheduled maintenance contract you can still have that philosophy but know that your heater is taken of.

Hot Water Heater Replacements

There will come a time when your hot water heater will fail.  We can do everything in our power to maintenance it but inevitably, it will need to be replaced.  It’s not the end of the world.  In fact, a new hot water heater is the beginning of a whole new world.  New boilers are more technologically advanced than ever before.  They save energy and lower heating costs beyond belief.  Instead of a ten year warranty, manufacturers are so confident in their products that they are offer twenty year warranties instead.  You will find that a new hot water heater is the best investment that you’ve made in your home in a long time.


We wouldn’t be worth our salt if we didn’t offer a comprehensive warranty.  Your new boiler will include a manufacturers warranty.  As veteran heating and cooling professionals we have mastered our craft and are confident in our ability to install a new boiler with efficiency and care.  A workmanship warranty is extended to every new hot water heater.  This guarantees that should anything malfunction or fail as a result of negligence or recklessness, we will remedy the situation as soon as possible.  We are voted number one in heating and cooling because our clients love the fact that they can count on us.  For more details about our warranty, contact us today.