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Furnace Repair

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What type of heating system do you have?  Whether you have a boiler or furnace we can help.  Do you have baseboards, a ventilation system or radiator heat?  Regardless of the output, we have the tools to do the job.  Colorado is exquisitely beautiful in the winter.  Fluffy whiteness and snow capped mountains definitely has its appeal.  It doesn’t get as cold here as it does in the Midwest or Northeast, but unlike California and Florida, adequate heating is imperative.  When you experience a failing heating system, don’t hesitate to contact Centennial Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

Boiler vs. Furnace

And in the left corner we have the boiler that uses hot water to power the entire heating system.  And in the right we have the interminable furnace that uses warm air to heat your spacious home.  Who will be the winner?  Before we go any further, it’s important to know what we are talking about.  The customer is always right but in most cases the client thinks she has a furnace when she really has a boiler heating system.  If you have baseboards or radiator heat, then your home is warmed by a boiler.  A ventilation system is indicative of a furnace powered heating system.

Preventative Maintenance

There is a warranty on your heating system.  When you engage in preventative maintenance you guarantee that the warranty remains valid.  Preemptive maintenance ensures that you hedge off any future malfunctions.  If you never take a look at your heating system, anything can go wrong and you would never know it until something malfunctions and by then it’s too late.  The irony about preventative maintenance is that it is very inexpensive and yet people rarely take advantage of the opportunity to make sure that all the checks and balances are in place.  We recommend that you enlist Centennial Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to check your heating system at the tail end of each summer.

Benefits of Repair

When stuff breaks down you need to fix it.  Try as you might, you cannot live without an adequate heating system in the state of Colorado.  It would be hazardous to your health to do otherwise.  If you address repairs when the occur, you ensure that your heating system operates at 100% capacity.  Otherwise, it will struggle and cost you more to operate it.  It makes sense to pay for repairs up front rather than pay the cost in the long run with higher monthly heating bills.  Everything on this planet has a lifespan and that includes your heating system.  Your warranty may indicate one thing but with regularly scheduled maintenance we can extend the life of your system.

Why Furnaces Fail

If you do everything right your furnace will not fail.  It’s easier than you think to maintain your heating system.  They are designed to operate with very little maintenance.  The number one reason why heating systems fail is due to dirty filters.  This is the simplest aspect of maintaining a heating system that even a child can do it and yet the filters are often neglected.  A broken or malfunctioning thermostat will lead one to think that their furnace has failed but in reality it’s usually an electronic malfunction in the temperature gauge.  Pilot light or electrical ignition malfunction is the source of many furnace failures but requires little time to fix.