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Air Conditioning Repair Service

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Centennial Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is a full service company specializing in air conditioning repair.  We live in a region where heating and cooling is necessary.  In the winter heat is a must.  During the summer months it’s too hot to go without adequate cooling.  Depending on your temperament, you may require temperature control in the autumn and spring.  Whether you are cold or hot blooded we work hard to keep you comfortable.  If your air conditioner goes out in the middle of summer, you can take a moment to curse the gods but then call us right away.

How to Know when you’re A/C is in Need of Repair  

First of all, don’t wait until your A/C gives out to give us a call.  Once you begin to notice the telltale signs, you must give us a call.  The initial indicator of a failing cooling system is the inability to maintain a static temperature without major effort.  Your system will have to work harder to achieve the temperature that you desire.  Another symptom is a house or office that can never get cool.  Even when the temperature is set at 50 degrees and the fan is blowing, your environment will still feel warm.  This results in members of your family or staff constantly making thermostat adjustments which only makes things worse.


There are many mitigating factors that can effect the cost of A/C repair.  We will take a look at the extent of the damage.  If all you need is a simple filter change the cost is minimal.  The A/C technician will switch out the filters and advise you on how to take preventative measures.  Filters should be changed once every three months.  The fee for this is nominal.  In many cases a component has failed.  This is due to a variety of factors.  We typically have all necessary parts on the truck and can remedy the situation in an hour.  For a complete and exact price listing, contact us today.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Our services are not limited to residential repairs.  As a business owner, building engineer or operations manager your job is to make sure that your facilities are in tip top shape.  When your A/C is on the brink you can expect the complaints to come rolling in.  Did you know that sick leave requests are directly linked to carbon monoxide levels?  A malfunctioning heating and cooling system will leak legal carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.  It may be surprising to know that indoor air is at least 4 times as toxic as outdoor air.  Manage your staff’s productivity and keep them comfortable with commercial air conditioning repair.

Emergency Repairs

Centennial can get unbelievably hot in the summer.   When it’s 94 degrees outside and a cool breeze is just a distant memory of the past, the last thing you need is an A/C on the fritz.  There is literally nothing that you can do to make yourself comfortable when the sun is relentless.   We’ve seen customers go to great lengths to avoid calling a serviceman for repairs.  Fans only blow hot air.  Opening the windows lets in gusts of hot wind.  Closing the blinds is not practical.  Our emergency repairs are affordable.  You don’t have to suffer in the heat.  Contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency A/C repairs.